Dr. Frank Albo specializes in architecture, Freemasonry and the Western esoteric tradition.

He holds graduate degrees in ancient Near Eastern languages, art history and a PhD in the history of architecture from the University of Cambridge. Author of Astana: Architecture, Myth and Destiny and the academic inspiration to The Hermetic Code.




Dr. Frank Albo is an architectural historian and an expert on communicating new streams of knowledge in relation to the built environment and the cultures of the past. He holds graduate degrees in ancient Near Eastern languages, Western esotericism, and the history of art, receiving his PhD from the University of Cambridge in 2012.


Dr. Albo’s approach to architecture, landscape, and design seeks to transform public spaces into interactive journeys of discovery, which elevate the mind and promote a sense of wonder and inspiration. He was featured as the code-breaking protagonist in the best-selling book, The Hermetic Code (now in its fourth printing), and has lectured internationally on a broad range of subjects from the cosmology of Egyptian temples to the minimalism of Modern architecture.


His groundbreaking discoveries on the meanings encoded in public monuments, gardens, and cities have been published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, as well as in several radio, television, and documentary programs. With his comprehensive knowledge of world cultures, traditions, and beliefs, Dr. Albo has worked as a consultant for prominent museums and leading design firms. His client list includes the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and the Royal Alberta Museum.


He has also acted as an advisor for major film and television companies, including A&E, the History Channel, Discovery, Nightingale Film Group, and Stornoway Productions.


Dr. Albo has a unique ability to peel back conventional history to provide new vistas of thought and perception that help us to re-imagine who we are and the communities to which we belong.




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In his new book, Astana: Architecture, Myth and Destiny, renowned architecture expert and Cambridge historian Dr. Frank Albo, has imbedded an arm-chair treasure hunt that connects Walt Disney, King Arthur, and the “Illuminati Capital of the World.” The reader who reveals the hidden message in this book wins a luxury vacation to Astana, Kazakhstan valued at $30,000. The fascinating story and the breathtaking photographs of this world destination city are for every person who loves mystery, architecture and mythologies.


Albo states: "Like the code-breaking protagonist in the best selling book, The Hermetic Code, my interests and research challenge established beliefs and offer fresh insight into one of the most remarkable cities on Earth. Kazakhstan’s new capital city, Astana, is more than a progression of futuristic buildings and monumental construction. It is a city whose foundation myth sets the scene for the peaceful coexistence of the human family. Astana provides an ideal model of a city that acknowledges the environmental limits of urban growth, while promoting greener livelihoods, cultural diversity and a vibrant civic life directed toward happiness, health and the fulfillment of human needs.” 


Currently an Adjunct Professor of History at the University of Winnipeg in Canada, Dr. Albo specializes in architecture, Freemasonry and the Western esoteric tradition. He holds graduate degrees in ancient Near Eastern languages, art history, and a PhD in the history of architecture from the University of Cambridge.


Over the past decade, Dr. Albo has led tours of the Manitoba Legislative Building, identifying concealed Masonic symbols, hieroglyphs and numerological codes, which have escaped historians and visitors for nearly a hundred years. Dr. Albo examines our conventional beliefs about history and provides new perspectives and understandings about our built environment and cultures of the past. He has created an exciting journey into the myth and symbolism of Astana with stunning images, mysticism and surprises at every turn. 


“For conspiracy sleuths and aficionados of architecture, mythology, treasure hunts, or the mysteries of Freemasonry, this is your new bible! Dr. Albo brilliantly unpacks the hype surrounding Astana, but then goes far beyond by showing us that the principal buildings of this extraordinary Kazakhstani capital offer an architectural blueprint to the peaceful destiny of the world! This book is Umberto Eco meets Robert Langdon meets Indiana Jones all rolled into one. Marvelous, absorbing, beautifully illustrated, and highly recommended!”

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Astana: Architecture, Myth & Destiny by Dr. Frank Albo



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